Humbleman Weddings

Rates, Fees, etc:

The Ring Bearer
With the Ring Bearer at Valley Green

    My rates are as follows:

    I charge $375 for a ceremony performed within most sections of Philadelphia. I increase this if the distance is greater, if there is a separate rehearsal involved, or if there are other aspects of the ceremony that require more time. The further the distance and the more time involved, the more I charge. 

    I charge $200 for a small (yourselves and no more then 5 or 6 others), simple ceremony at my home in my living room or back yard (weather permitting). My wife is a professional gardener ( and our garden can be quite lovely depending on the time of year. Many couples have found it to be a convenient, inexpensive, less stressful way to wed Click here to see some pictures of our garden

    Any additional money I am offered as a tip I forward to the Piscataway Indian Nation, based in Port Tobacco, Maryland, as well as to other causes affecting Native peoples

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